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Dec 5, 2012 5:00am PST
. >>> there are new plans to extend the valley transit agency light rail system. it now ends in campbell. but there is a new proposal that would have a continue more than a mile and a half to highway 17 near netflix headquarters. the plan was laid out at a meeting in campbell last night. vta says about 1,000 people a day get on that station. many people who use it say the new station would make their lives much easier. critics say that is not enough. new riders to justified the expected $175 million expense. >>> time now 5:57. let's go back to tara. cars are spinning out all over the place. >> that is right. we do have a lot of spinouts. that is because of that wet road conditions. definitely take it easy out there. we do want to mention that we had an a tree actually go down on one of the roadways if we take a look at the maps. we can show you here this was on highway 92. this is highway 35 skyline boulevard at 92 san mateo road. and the tree actually was blocking a whole lane here. they did just clear it. so we wanted to be aware there is no sig alert issued there now. up next we take
Dec 7, 2012 5:00am PST
. >>> one of our avid tweeters evelyn from campbell said how would you order that? a grand nonfat dumbo? >> very good. >> i liked that. let's check in with tara. >>> very good. i don't know if i would drink that cup of coffee. right now we are going to head outside and take a -- no problems to report. at the sunol grade this is a look at 680 traffic on the right hand side there southbound as you drive toward fremont we're seeing brake lights a little bit here and there. >>> oakland raider fan badly hurt and in the hospital after a terrifying fall in the stands. we'll bring you a live report from the coliseum. what investigators say happened and what we know about that fan's condition. >>> we are also hearing about large aftershots. the new pictures we just received in our newsroom. >>> while we slept our temperatures sank. i'll have a lock at your current conditions and what you can expect for your weekend.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2